Flight Facilities

  • Main runway (13-31) is 5,001 feet long
  • Alternate runway (01-19) is 2,900 feet long
  • Runways have Medium Intensity Runway Lights (MIRL) and Precision Approach Path Indicator lights (PAPI)
  • Global positioning system (GPS) non-precision approach/departure
  • Beacon, wind cone and segmented circle airport marker system
  • Automated Weather Observation System III (AWOS), with state-of-the-art meteorological sensors to determine wind, visibility, cloud height, pressure and temperature. Access local weather by calling (503) 842-8792.
  • Generous tie down apron
  • Security fencing
  • Fuel Farm with 100 LL AV or Jet A aviation fuel and supplies
  • Exxon fuel available 24/7 from a card-lock fuel system
  • Passenger waiting area and restrooms at the FBO on the west side of the airport, mid-field
  • Hangars to house 40 aircraft
  • Space available for long-term leases for hangar construction