Hooley Digester

The Hooley Digester

In 2003, the Port of Tillamook Bay constructed a waste digester to biologically process the manure from 4,000 of the county’s 30,000 dairy cows. The facility uses simple, proven, cost-effective digester technology to biologically break down the manure, convert the resulting natural methane gas to electricity. Adjacent to the digester, a compost facility dries the residual sterile fiber for use as soil amendments, livestock bedding or dozens of other products.
The manure is trucked to the facility and treated. A portion is returned to participating farms. Transportation costs are offset by sale of electricity as “green power” and by the sale of the recovered fiber. The system reduces odor and eliminates pathogenic organisms from the waste, along with weed seeds.

The Hooley Digester is open to the public daily from 8:30am to 2:00pm for digested fiber sales. Fiber is $15 a yard, we are more than happy to load it into your truck or trailer for you. Call 503-842-4179 to check product availability.