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Mess Hall

Newly renovated, the Officers’ Mess Hall is a rentable room comprised of 2200 square feet, providing plenty of usable space for your event. The open floor plan and additional amenities make the hall the perfect location for award banquets, wedding parties, and gatherings of any size, big or small. Some of the Officer’s Mess Hall features include newly finished hardwood floors, a modern full-size kitchen, and on location restrooms.

Believe it or not, the Mess Hall was originally used during World War II as a hub for activities at the Tillamook Naval Air Station. The building’s strong connection to our state’s past makes choosing the Mess Hall for your event an easy decision.

Mess Hall Application – FY 17-18


Established in 1942, the Tillamook Air Museum offers it patrons a glimpse into the past of aircraft, offering authentic exhibits on airplanes, hangers, gliders, and much more! However, the Air Museum is also home to many annual events, including the Northwest Classics and Fly-in, due to the area’s 30,000 square feet of open space.

The historic location also serves as a great place for fundraisers, banquets, art shows, and wine tastings. Catering from the Cafe is available, in addition to full kitchen access. Other features of the Tillamook Air Museum include an 80 seat theater that can be used for important meetings or simply a movie night.

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Airport Conference Room

Need a medium sized room to host your gathering? The Airport conference room is the perfect location for training, small classes, and meetings. With a capacity for forty seating options, installed AV equipment, and a built in screen for video, the conference room makes it easy for you to accomplish your agenda.

The Airport Conference Room has a wide variety of features, including both a kitchenette and easy parking for your attendants. In addition to these perks, natural sunlight from several windows and clear open space make staying in the Airport Conference Room an even more enjoyable experience.

Airport Conference Room Application – FY 17-18

Small Meeting Room

When it comes to hosting a meeting for your group, organization, or business, location matters more than you think. A clean open space helps ideas, knowledge, and information flow effectively between fellow attendants.

The Small Meeting Room can seat twenty people, making it the ideal day-time location for small gatherings. Some of the room’s features include a lively atmosphere, a television, a back counter, and a built in screen to display presentations, videos, and information.

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Conference Room

With the capacity to seat 80 people, the Conference Room is a more than suitable location for large events and gatherings. Past uses for the Conference Room include movie nights, Ian parties, and both baby and bridal showers. However, the room is also available to host meetings for your business, organization, or group.

The space offers gaming Wi-Fi and fiber, and a built in screen for various multiplatform purposes. Additional features include tables, chairs, and an available attached kitchen for all your event needs.

Main Conference Room Application – FY 17-18