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Budget & Audited Financial Statements

Budget & Audited Financial Statements

The Port Operates on a fiscal-year calendar, beginning July 1st and ending June 30th. 

As a public entity, the Port is subject to Oregon Local Budget Law.

Local budget law is designed to:  Establish standard procedures for preparing, presenting, and administering the budgets of Oregon’s local governments; to encourage citizen involvement in the preparation of the budget before its final adoption; to provide a method of estimating revenues, expenditures, and proposed taxes; and requires the adoption of an annual budget and obtaining of annual audits of its finances.  

Budget Preparation

Beginning in April Port staff begin preparing the upcoming fiscal-year budget, including a Budget Message and Proposed Budget for review by the Port’s Budget Committee in May.  The Port’s Budget Committee is an 10-person committee, consisting of the 5 member POTB Board of Commissioners and 5 at-large members who are volunteers from within POTB’s District. The Budget Committee meets to review the proposed budget, makes any changes and approves the budget as a recommendation for adoption by the POTB Board of Commissioners. The POTB Board of Commissioners meets in June to adopt the budget for the next fiscal year.
All POTB budget-related meetings are open to the public – and the public is encouraged to attend. Public Meeting Notices are posted at the POTB’s regular meeting notice posting places (e.g. Port Main Offices; Tillamook County Library – Main Branch; and Tillamook County Courthouse).


POTB Adopted Budget (7/1/23 - 6/30/24) 

FYE24 Adopted Budget.pdf


POTB Adopted Budget (7/1/24 - 6/30/25)

FYE25 Adopted Budget.pdf