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Tillamook State Forest

Covering more than 350,000 acres of mountainous terrain east of Tillamook, the Tillamook State Forest is a remarkable achievement. It is a man-made forest planted after a series of disastrous fires between 1933 and 1951 destroyed nearly every tree on those mountains.

In the years after the fires, foresters, professional tree planters and volunteers worked painstakingly to reestablish the forest and its many resources. Oregon voters passed a constitutional amendment in 1948 authorizing $12 million in bonds to rehabilitate the land. The long reforestation project, the largest ever undertaken, began in 1949. In total, 72 million seedlings were planted.

The new Tillamook State Forest is a place of hope. Decades of investment and hard work are beginning to pay off. Harvests of some timber are providing revenue and jobs. Healthy fish and wildlife populations have returned and the forest is enjoyed by campers, hikers, anglers, off-highway vehicle enthusiasts and horseback riders.

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Oregon State Parks

Tillamook County is home to a number of state parks. Visit the Web site for maps and descriptions.

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Tillamook County Parks

Tillamook operates six scenic parks, some with campsites, and 10 recreation areas.