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Tillamook Lightwave

May contain: hardware, electronics, computer, computer hardware, and server

The Port of Tillamook Bay is served by an advanced telecommunications system, thanks to Tillamook Lightwave.

POTB is a member of a consortium that has been working to ensure that Tillamook County has access to ample high-speed telecommunications. That consortium – Tillamook Lightwave – is an intergovernmental agency whose other members are Tillamook County and the Tillamook Peoples’ Utility District (TPUD).

The goal of Tillamook Lightwave is to create a high-speed telecommunication system that will promote economic development, distance learning and tele-medicine opportunities in Tillamook County and improve its overall connectivity.

Tillamook Lightwave currently serves such organizations as Tillamook County government, County Emergency Services and 911, the Tillamook School District #9, Tillamook Regional Medical Center, Tillamook Bay Community College and several local businesses.

Each member of the partnership has a specific role to fill:

  • TPUD provides engineering, marketing, billing services, administrative support and assists with access to public funds.
  • POTB provides administrative support and assists with access to public funds.
  • Tillamook County facilitates the permitting process, provides financial support, provides access to their microwave system and assists with access to public funds.